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Containerized Centrifuge Separation Unit

The Containerized Centrifuge Separation unit is composed of feeding pumps, chemical enhancement unit, high speed decanter centrifuge, solids transfer conveyor and mixing & drying unit. All the parts are put in one 20ft container and controlled by PLC control system and can work automatically by pre-set. Then containerized centrifuge separation unit is easy for movement and fast installation. It can be used for oily sludge treatment, waste water treatment, dredging sludge treatment, etc.

When the job completed, all the accessories including wire cables, flow pipelines can be put into the container and move to next station in a fast and clean way.

Separation Feeding Pump

Screw pump with other names like positive displacement pumps can be used for the centrifuge feeding unit; also the screw pump can be used for feeding the chemical dosing unit. With no pulse feeding, the liquid can be mixed quietly and evenly in the chemical dosing unit.

Chemical dosing unit

With PAC/PAM, the ultra-fine solids can be coagulated and become bigger solids in the chemical doing unit. The slurry after chemical enhancement will become much easier for centrifuge separation. Big particles separated, the liquid discharge will much clean.


Decanter centrifuge

In oil & gas industry, normally no need the centrifuge to work continuously 24hours per day and 7days per week. Because of the sands and soil in the drilling mud, we focus on the wearing performance of centrifuge.

Because of the oil drilling site, the centrifuge motor and control panel need to be ex-proof standard which can be used for Zone I or Zone II area.

Our decanter centrifuge can show high stability in the long-term operation. With patent in the whole centrifuge design, patent for vibration and patent screw protection, we can show a very different product from design to production to performance.


Screw conveyor for solids transfer

Screw conveyor is selected for the solids discharge from decanter centrifuge. In order to layout the conveyor and move the whole unit easily, the conveyor is designed on one rotation base. When need to use the conveyor for project, the conveyor can be rotated to outside, and when need to move the whole unit, the conveyor can be rotated inside the container for easy movement.

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