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Customized Screw conveyor for System application

Screw conveyor can be used for many different projects. They can be used in horizontal, inclined and vertical type per requirements. Single screw or multiple screw can be adopted per job condition. Screw Conveyors can be sealed for dust free and vapor tight requirements. Considering corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant or heat resistant depending upon the product being conveyed, the screw conveyor have to try different materials to achieve their purposes.

We can offer customized screw conveyor including:

Standard screw conveyors

Inclined screw conveyors

Vertical screw conveyors

Food grade screw conveyors

Large screw conveyors

Plug screw conveyors

Shaftless screw conveyors

Multi shaft screw conveyors


Inclined screw conveyors technical features:

1)       Increase the rotation speed of screw shaft, this can help to increase the forward speed of materials and reduce fallbacks.

2)       Shorten the distance between impellers, this can improve the forward efficiency and reduce fallbacks.

3)       Tighter the Gap between the screw and channel: For granular, free flowing products such as dry, refined sugar, this modification can help a lot.

4)       Cooling line can be adopted per request from customers.

 inclined screw conveyor

Vertical screw conveyors technical features:

1)       Vertical screw conveyors are applicable to chemicals, grains, food, mining, pulp and paper etc. many different industries.

2)       We can design shaftless screw conveyor for very sticky materials.

3)       The housing are fully enclosed to protect the materials from contamination.

4)       Heat preservation can be adopted per request from customers.


Food grade conveyors technical features:

1)       We can offer screw conveyor in high sanitary which is suitable for food grade application.  The food can be dairy , meat, sugar etc.

2)       We can offer certificate of USDA/FDA with approved seals, bearings and materials.

3)       Heat preservation or cooling line can be designed for the conveyor if requested by customers.

 food grade screw conveyor


Large screw conveyors

For normal application, the diameter of screw conveyors can be 100mm to 500mm. For some special project, we can offer large screw conveyors with screw diameter up to 2.0meters. Design of large screw conveyor is not as easy as small screw conveyors and need to consider many key points to guarantee the reasonability of the final products.

Welcome to contact us if you need any customized screw conveyor for system application.

large screw conveyor

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