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Desanding Plant

Desanding Plant
Desanding Plant
  • Desanding Plant

    Desanding plant also called slurry separation plant, it is widely used for micro-tunneling, TBM construction, Pipe jacking construction and piling construction etc. The desanding plant is much simple when compared with Solids control system or mud recycling system.  Desanding plant normally consist of double deck shaker, desander hydrocyclones and transfer centrifugal pumps. As the job requirement is very different, desanding plant can work perfectly to meet the job request.


    Oil & gas drilling adopt Piston mud pump (high pressure) to feeding the borehole, and piston mud pump is easy to wear by drilling fluids with coarse solids, and the maintenance of piston mud pump is much higher cost. However, Horizontal slurry pump or vertical slurry pump is normally works for TBM, Pipe jacking and Piling construction, and Slurry pump can work with drilling fluids with big particles. After separation by shaker & 10in cyclones, the recovered drilling mud can satisfy the work condition.


    Main Parameters of Desanding Plant

    Model NS20-30 NS50-30 NS100-60 NS150-60 NS200-60 NS260-60
    Feeding capacity (m3/h) 20 50 100 150 200 260
    Cut Point (μm) 30 30 60 60 60 60
    Sieving capacity (t/h) 5-10 5-15 20-50 20-50 25-80 25-80
    Max. Moisture <30% <30% <30% <30% <30% <30%
    Power (kw) 9 12.5 24 32 48 58
    Inlet/Outlet DN65/DN100 DN65/DN100 DN100/DN150 DN100/DN150 DN150/DN250 DN150/DN250
    Weight (kg) 2000 2200 3000 3000 5500 5800
    Dimension(mm) 2055×1730x2240 2055×1730x2240 2862×1676x2433 2862×1676x2433 4522×2192x2903 4522×2192x2903



    Main Features of Desanding plant

    Double screen shaker with much higher purification efficiency, convenient operation and reliable performance

    Reasonable design with the function of preventing dry pumping, effectively improve the lifetime of slurry pump.

    The polyurethane hydrocyclone is selected with better anti-abrasive performance

    Full purification of engineering mud, help to improve the drilling quality and avoid sticking accident

    Effective separation of soil slag, help to improve the efficiency of hole-making

    Mud recycling, recover and reuse, save drilling fluids cost and helpful the final mud discharge

    Closed-circuit slurry purification reduce the impact on the environment




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