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Mud Agitator

Mud Agitator
Mud Agitator
Mud Agitator
  • Mud Agitator

    Mud Agitator is composed of motor drive, reducer gearbox and shaft with impeller. There are two kinds of reducer gearbox on the market now- Direct drive gearbox and coupler connection gearbox. Direct driven agitator will be much smaller size than coupler type agitator, and normally it is easy for installation. But the direct drive gearbox have higher production cost than coupler connection type. Coupler type agitator can be equipped with base skid to achieve easy installation.


    Mud Agitator is normally mounted on the mud tank to agitating the drilling fluids to prevent sedimentation. By agitating the drilling mud, it also helps to keep the mud properties of the drilling mud which will be transfer back to the borehole. Every compartment of the tank should equip with agitator, and the agitator quantity can be calculated per 3~4meters each.


    The mud agitator is popular applied in Oil & gas Solids Control system, Trenchless mud cleaning system, Water well drilling mud tank system, TMB desanding plant etc. MJ can offer both Ex proof or Non ex-proof standard mud agitator. For offshore drilling rig, MJ can offer agitator with DNV certificate SKID which will be easily approved by the Owner of offshore drilling platform.


    Technical Parameters of Mud Agitator

    Model Motor (kw) Impeller Speed (rpm) Impeller Dia(mm) Impeller No.(ea) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
    JBQ030 3 58 / 70 650 1 190 878x565x514
    JBQ055 5.5 58 / 70 850 1 250 1074x675x631
    JBQ075 7.5 58 / 70 950 1 356 1157x717x647
    JBQ075S 7.5 58 / 70 800 2 378 1157x717x647
    JBQ110 11 58 / 70 1050 1 479 1300x770x707
    JBQ110S 11 58 / 70 850 2 494 1300x770x707
    JBQ150 15 58 / 70 1100 1 530 1330x770x707
    JBQ150S 15 58 / 70 950 2 560 1330x770x707
    JBQ185S 18.5 58 / 70 1050 2 750 1510x890x753
    JBQ220S 22 58 / 70 1100 2 780 1529x890x753


    Technical Features of Mud Agitator

    Helical-bevel gearbox, direct driven reducer or coupler driven reducer for option

    By direct driven reducer gearbox, can achieve much smaller footprint

    The gearbox is sourced from China top brand with reliable warranty

    The agitator motor is sourced from China top brand, ABB/Siemens motor for option

    Designed for max. 20 ppg drilling fluid agitating

    3 layers marine anti-marine paintings available to get much better performance.

    Mud agitator with DNV2.7-1 certificate SKID for option



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