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One fleet of shale shaker and centrifuge pump delivery to customer

Being partner with drilling company in Middle East, we deep our cooperation relationship step by step. One stop service help customer reduce the purchase venture and reduce the purchase cost. Only purchasing from one supplier help customer to manage the solids control equipment and spare parts easily, also can always get very good price with stable quality oil drilling equipment.

Shale shaker is first stage in solids control system. It collect the drilling mud from borehole, separate the big particles out via vibration force and discharge the big particles (Normally, we call it drilling cuttings) to on line drilling cuttings treatment system which include screw conveyors, vertical cuttings dryers system. Good performance of shale shakers is defined by selected vibration trace, good quality shaker screen and reasonable whole design. With rich experience, we can customize the shaker with different vibration trace, different shaker screen type to satisfy the needs from customer.

shale shaker 1shale shaker 2


Centrifugal pump is power unit in the whole solids control system. It works as transfer pumps among all solids control equipment. The application of centrifugal pump including:

Feeding pump for desander unit

Feeding pump for desilter unit

Transfer pump from mud cleaner tank to mixing tank

Mixing pump with mixing hopper

NOV Mission magnum and Mission 2500 pump is world famous pumps which is known in oil drilling field. Semi-open impeller, wear-resistance performance, replacement of spare parts, lower price are all the good features of centrifugal pumps. In China, we have lots of original manufacturers to produce similar type pumps which can benefit customer with competitive price and in time service.

 centrifugal pump (1)centrifugal pump (2)

Mud Agitator is mixing and stirring unit to avoid settlement of big particles in drilling mud. The up-t0-date design of mud agitator is motor-gearbox direct connection type which can give smaller footprint and easy installation.  Mud Agitator is normally works together with mud gun. There will be clean water line and mud line in the mud tank design; and the mud line will provide clean drilling mud to mud gun with different purpose per design.

 mud agitator

We, MJ Solids Control, can help customers to source reliable oil drilling equipment in good price. We can also offer FAT (factory acceptance test) and SAT (Site acceptance test) service as value-adding service. We also have rich experience in process of DNV2.7-1 Certificate which is a must for offshore units.

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