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Derrick DE1000 Centrifuge VS MJCD360 Decanter Centrifuge

World most popular brand in solids control & waste management field, include MISWACO, Derrick and NOV Brandt. MISWACO and Brandt are more comprehensive in providing equipment & service. Derrick is normally provide equipment with distributors all over the world. US brand solids control company take over the 80% market in oil drilling before, but the situation is changing gradually. With rapid development of China economy, reputation of China machinery in the world also become much better. More and more customers change the US suppliers and come to China for new suppliers.

DE1000 Derrick Centrifuge

Following is our factory of decanter centrifuge and Tricanter centrifuge, welcome to check before purchase.

MJ Decanter Centrifuge

Here, some comparison of Derrick DE1000 Centrifuge and MJCD360 centrifuge for reader’s reference. Derrick DE1000 have gear type centrifuge (fixed speed), VFD centrifuge (variable speed with VFD control panel) and FHD centrifuge (variable speed by fully hydraulic drive). Considering the higher price of FHD Centrifuge, Gear centrifuge and VFD Centrifuge is more popular to see in the market. MJ can also offer gear type centrifuge and VFD centrifuge, easy to operation and lower in cost.



DE1000 centrifuge

MJDC-360 Centrifuge

Bowl Diameter



Bowl Length



LD Ratio



Max Speed



Max. G force



Normal Operation

Up to 3600RPM

Up to 3250RPM

Max. Processing capacity



Driven type

Gear type, VFD or FHD

VFD or fixed speed

Gearbox Ratio



Gearbox Type

Two stage, planetary

Two stage, planetary

Main motor



Scroll motor



From above comparison table, we can see no big difference in technical parameters between this two type centrifuges. But our price is almost 1/3 of Derrick centrifuge. We can also offer high configuration centrifuge with duplex SS2205 bowl and SS316 screw and carbide alloy tiles for the conveyor protection etc. Except for Derrick centrifuges, we can offer other replacement parts for Derrick shale shakers, including FLC-500 /FLC-2000 Flat screens and pyramid screens, hyper pool screens, hydro-cyclones etc.

The essence of MJ Machinery is to offer reliable solids control equipment and customized solutions in good pricing support. For some other non-solids control product, we can also help for the procurement, inspection etc. Welcome to leave your message if need any support.




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