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Drilling Mud Transfer Pumps

In solids control system, drilling mud transfer pumps play important role. There are several kinds of transfer pumps like semi-open impeller centrifugal pump, rotor and stator screw pump, submersible slurry pit pump and high pressure mud pump.  Because of the high value of each set high pressure mud pump, it is normally excluded from solids control system.

This is common sense, solids control equipment supplier only focus on main equipment like shale shaker, mud centrifuge and mud tank system. The pumps is sourced from professional pump factories. Only by large quantity sales, the pump price can be lowered and benefit clients better. Similar as other solids control supplier, we also partner with China top brand semi-open centrifugal pump factory, China top brand slurry pit pump factory and China top brand screw pump factory.


Semi-open centrifugal pump factory

The 250 family of pumps is designed for pumping drilling fluid or industrial suspension (slurry), the use of advanced design theory can be pumping abrasive, liquid viscosity (resistance) and corrosion. Compared with an ordinary pump, excellent flow, high temperature, long life, easy maintenance, high reliability, significant energy saving effect and so on, now widely used around the world on land and offshore drilling pumps. We will provide users with the best products to meet the needs of the different working conditions.

The 250 family pump is equivalent to Brandt NOV 2500 series. We also have pumps equivalent to Brandt NOV Magnum pumps.

Semi open impeller centrifugal pump

Submersible Slurry pit pump

Pit pump is good choice to transfer the slurry in mud pit to somewhere else. The design of pit pump can accept slurry mud with big particles, abrasive and durable. The submersible length can be customized per pit depth. The somewhere can be shale shaker, centrifuge, mud cleaner and other items required.

For some big capacity pit pumps, we can offer pump with variable control starter / ABB frequency convertor. This can be used to set fit pump capacity per condition.

submersible slurry pit pump

Screw pumps / centrifuge feeding pump

Screw pumps is the most popular feeding pump for decanter centrifuge.  Almost no pulse, stable feeding performance give priority to the screw pump. But the biggest problem is the high cost of stator and rotor. Brand like Germany Netzsch NEMO PUMP, the spare parts of each pump is almost same price as each complete pump. This is not good choice for long time cost performance product. Some operator is trying to use rotor pump to replace the screw pumps. This rotor pump may more and more take cover the market of screw pump in feeding centrifuge? Welcome to leave message and welcome any comments.

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