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Specifications & Materials for Screw Pump Stator

As China first-class OEM screw pump brand, MJ Pump can provide different solutions for a variety of operating conditions. For the selection of screw stator specifications and materials, our company have corresponding standards. In this chapter, the specifications and material selection of screw pump stator are discussed. We welcome readers to discuss with us by calling or email.

The stator specifications are decided by transportation materials.

The selection of stator rubber material should consider the medium composition, the medium corrosion and the medium temperature. For example: the NBR stator is required when transport oil mud (mud centrifuge feed pump), crude oil (crude oil pump)or oily sludge; NBR rubber is much oil-resistant.  

Before giving quotation, MJ pump generally need to know the following information:

Flow rate of the screw pump, lift requirement, material requirement, discharge pressure requirement.

The viscosity, temperature of the material,  and if it is easy to crystalize.
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Why the stator of screw pump is easy to be damaged?

The damage of stator is related to the medium transported by screw pump. Screw pump mostly conveys impurities containing media; stator rubber will wear during operation. It is very important to choose corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant rubber.

At the same time, MJ Pump advises customers to purchase at least one set stator and rotor when purchase the screw pump in case any problem occurred during operation which may affect the whole projects.

How to operation to prolong the lifetime of the stator and rotor:

  1. Before starting the screw pump, use pipe wrench to rotate the pump to make sure it is freely.
  2. When starting the screw pump, the screw pump cannot be started without feeding material; the screw pump cannot dry starting. It needs to inject the medium first, then start the screw pump when the medium is lubricated.
  3. When stop the screw pump, clean the screw pump with clean water at first time to avoid the sludge and other media deposited in the screw pump, drying.  

MJ PUMP can offer stator and rotor for international brand pumps, like Germany brand Netzsch brand screw pump, NOV MONO screw pump or seepex brand spare parts. Welcome to contact us for any requirements.

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