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The selection of screw pump driving form needs to meet job condition

As China leading brand of single screw pump, MJ Pump can offer customization service to meet various requirement of different job conditions. In this chapter, MJ pump give basic description of gearbox type, motor type and electrical control type in screw pump. If any requirements, pls contact with MJ pump freely.

The driving mode of screw pump can be selected according to the customer’s site demand. At present, the common driving mode basically includes the following four kinds:

  • Gearbox + fixed speed motor drive
  • Gearbox + variable speed motor drive
  • Speed reducer + manual speed motor drive
  • Hydraulic motor direct drive

Gearbox + fixed speed motor drive

This type screw pump can be used for job condition without the requirement of frequency conversion. The screw pump can be used for the transportation of small flow rate, such as 3m3 /h ~ 20m3 / h.

It can be used for the slurry supply of environmental decanter centrifuge, and the slurry supply of filter press for wastewater treatment.

Advantages: compact structure, low price and lowest maintenance cost. The control mode only needs to start/stop function without frequency converter, and the cost is low.

Disadvantages: pump flow rate is fixed and cannot be adjusted. However, the flow can be adjusted properly by adding overflow pipes and three T links.

Gearbox + variable speed motor drive

When the customer needs to adjust the flow rate of screw pump, normally customers will choose variable speed motor. Variable speed motor with variable speed electric control panel can realize remote adjusting operation in a safe, convenient and quick way.

Advantages: This type screw pump, the speed is adjusted by VFD frequency converter; the stepless adjustment of flow rate can adapt to various working conditions.

Disadvantages: because of higher cost of frequency convertor, the VFD control cabinet is normally in higher cost;

We normally use brands of Frequency converters include ABB, Siemens, Schneider, domestic first-class brand like Innovance, Shanghai Renle and so on.

Manual speed regulation gearbox + fixed speed motor

When the job condition need variable flow rate, but budget is very limited; we have another economic and reliable option – manual speed regulation gearbox + fixed speed motor.

The screw pump control panel only needs to be start/stop function, no need frequency convertor, price is much better.

Hydraulic motor direct drive

Under some special conditions, there is no power source at the scene, only hydraulic stations. The screw pump can also be driven by hydraulic motor without electric motor control. It can also be started and the material can be smoothly conveyed.

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