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Double Deck Shaker

Double Deck Shaker
Double Deck Shaker
Double Deck Shaker
  • Double Deck Shaker

    Double Deck shaker consist of one group top deck screen and one group bottom screen. The top deck screen can be used to separate the big particles with coarse wire screen; the bottom deck screen can be used to sieve the fine solids with fine mesh screen. The double deck screen shaker is usually used in civil construction or drilling conditions which require large treating capacity but with very small footprint.


    MJ heavy duty double deck screen shale shaker are able to working in most hazardous area. By assembling with desander cones or desilter cones, can make up to desanding plant which is very popular in TBM machine construction or pipe jacking construction. Normally, TBM Machine or Pipe jacking machine have lower requirement on the mud particle size, and horizontal slurry pump or vertical slurry pump is used as feeding pump. That is why desanding plant alone can satisfy the mud cleaning requirement. However, piston mud pump is used as feeding pump in oil drilling and piston mud pump cannot allow big particles, decanter centrifuge is a must to remove the fine solids to keep the safety of the drilling operation. 


    Technical Parameters of Double Deck Shale Shaker

    Model MJZS123 MJZS125 MJZS126
    Vibrating Mode Linear motion Linear motion Linear motion
    Max. Capacity (m3/h) 70 120 m3/h 150 m3/h
    Vibrating Motor (kw) 2×0.75 2×1.72 kw 2×1.72 kw
    Adjusting G force (G) ≤7.0G ≤7.5G ≤7.5G
    Vibration Amplitude (mm) 4.14~5.96 4.4~6.34 6~7.2
    Deck Adjustment  +2° -2°~+5° -2°~+5°
    Screen Qty (pcs) 3 5 6
    Screen Size(mm) 750×900(D*2); 700×1250(U*1) 585×1165(D*3); 900×750(U*2) 585×1165(D*4); 900×750(U*2)
    Screen Area (m2) 1.35(D)+0.875(U) 2.04(D)+1.35(U) 2.73(D)+1.35(U)
    Weir Height (mm) 885 885 885
    Weight (kg) 1520 1850 2100
    Dimension(mm) 2640x1893x1400 2640x1893x1400 3240x1893x1400


    Technical Features of Double Deck Shale shaker

    Liner Motion, Balance Elliptical Motion and Dual Motion available.

    Capable to deal with heavy mud in large feeding capacity

    Shaker deck angle adjustable while working, mechanical deck angle adjustment with reliable performance.

    Shale shaker bottom deck made from Stainless Steel for long service life.

    Heat treatment on complete shale shaker deck for High G force operation.

    Pretension shaker screen for fast screen replacement, shaker size equivalent to Swaco Mongoose

    Famous Brand Vibration Motors : Italy OLI or US Martin brand motors

    Main electrical components is sourced from premium brands: SIEMENS, Schneider or ABB available

    Different type shaker available for different application

    Shale shaker with DNV2.7-1 Certificate SKID is available specialized for offshore drilling activities.



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