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WBM Treatment Technology

WBM Treatment Technology
WBM Treatment Technology
WBM Treatment Technology
  • WBM Treatment Technology

    After finalize drilling at site, some water based mud pit is there for many years. With environment protection new policies, the water based mud (WBM) also need to be treated to environment friendly water and solids parts. MJ Mach can offer SBR WBM Treatment Technology, by TABS Super Float Separation and TRI-COLOR Depolymerizer to achieve the target of contractors.


    Advantages of SBR WBM Treatment technology:

    1) Environmental protection up to standard

    COD < 130ppm, the water meets the requirement of reinjection

    The solids can be transported to construction factory, like Bricks factory

    2) Skid system

    Skid system with containerized system

    Fast setup / assembly

    3) Simple Operation

    Easy operation, require 4 staff for whole system operation

    Max. power 95kw


    Special three phase mixer is the key part for the technology

    After adding polymer breaking agent, the three-phase mixing makes the mixture more uniform and the effect of polymer breaking is excellent.

    When coagulant is added, the slurry formed is a mixture of solid, liquid and gas under pressure.

    When the pressure decreases, the dissolved gas in the mud releases and grows, and the water in the mud is extruded. The gas and solid form a porous and hollow form. The water content decreases significantly, while the difference of their specific gravity enlarges, and finally the solid-liquid separation is formed.

    The eddy current three-phase mixer can effectively extend the molecular chain of chemical agents, make full use of the charges previously coiled in the chemical molecules, and increase the pollutant capture ability of the agents by tens of times.


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